If the customer receives an email with the following message:

"Your Arvato channel password is about to expire" then most likely the business channel password needs to be updated

within the Movilitas.cloud.

In order to update the channel password, please follow these steps:

  • Kindly navigate to https://admin.movilitas.cloud/
  • Open your Dashboard
  • Select "Channels" tab
  • Find the appropriate channel that needs an update
  • Click on "Edit"

Once the Edit channel tab is opened you the user has two choices to update the channel password:

  1. Manually input the password (If you manually type in a password make sure to check "update Arvato box as well)
  2. Generate the password automatically

The easiest way is to click on "Generate" and a new, randomized password will appear:

  • Automatically generates the format that is needed
  • The newly generated password is also copied to the clipboard
  • Automatically ticks the checkbox "Update user password in Arvato system"

Once these steps are completed, just simply click on "Save" and the password of the channel is updated.

(See attached screenshots for easier navigation)

Please find the brief description about NMVS connection on the link below: