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Serialized Manufacturing The Serialized Manufacturing application helps manufacturers to perform serialization and aggregation of the manufactured products.
Wholesaler FMD (Europe) The European Union introduced the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) to fight the falsification and ensure the safety of medicine. The Wholesaler FMD application supports wholesalers, marketing authorization holders (MAHs), and third-party logistics (3PLs) in complying with the FMD by enabling them to verify, decommission, and reactivate the medicinal products.
Repacker FMD (Europe) The Repacker FMD application enables companies involved in the repackaging and relabeling of pharmaceutical products to comply with the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).
Hospital Pharmacies FMD (Europe) The Hospital Pharmacies FMD application helps the users in a hospital to scan the medicinal products and send the information to the NMVS system using the NMVS business channels.
Product Verification DSCSA (USA) As per the 2019 Saleable Returns DSCSA requirements, the Distributors must verify the returned medicinal products before reselling the products. The Product Verification DSCSA application enables the distributors/manufacturers to verify the products.
Reports & Analysis In the Reports & Analysis application, you can create reports about activities carried out in the Wholesaler FMD application towards the National Medicines Verification System (NMVS) provided that an FMD repository is set up for the tenant.
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