If the customer runs into the issue that the business channel is locked they will see the following error message displayed in the business channel settings tab:

“This channel is locked. Reason: ERROR_USER_OR_PASSWORD_MISMATCH.

To unlock this channel please check and reconfigure your Arvato credentials!"

This could happen because there were too many failed login attempts and NMVS locked the user account or the channel for security reasons for a period of time.

In order to rectify the issue you would need to:

  • Contact NMVS and ask them to unblock the channel/account
  • Request a password reset
  • Once that took place, kindly login to movilitas.cloud
  • Navigate to the business channel
  • Open settings
  • Input the newly received information
    • (do not mark "Update user password in Arvato system")
    • (do not click on "Generate")
  • Just simply click on Save

Once that is done, the error message should disappear and the channel should be ready to use.