If your device is connected to the Internet again, you can log in to the mobile application, check the offline scanned items in the Serialized Logistics application, and submit all items at once.

Before You Begin

Make sure about the following:

  • Your device is connected to the Internet.
  • The administrator has assigned you as an operator to the Serialized Logistics application, assigned you to a warehouse, and authorized you to complete verification. 
  • The administrator can assign you to a warehouse that has a connection to an external system through a business or a regulatory channel. For example:
    • SAP ATTP
    • Arvato (NMVS)


1. Open the Movilitas Mobile application and log in.

2. Select the Serialized Logistics application.

The application displays the list of actions assigned to you. Next to the Offline scanned items option, you can see the number of items waiting for submission.

3. Select Offline scanned items. The application displays the list of items scanned offline.

Slide the item to the left for further options:

  • Details - Displays the details of the scanned item.
  • Remove - Removes the scanned item from the list. Removed items are not cached anymore.

4. To submit the items for verification, tap Verify All.

The application sends the items for verification to the external system, for example, SAP ATTP or Arvato (NMVS) and displays the verification result for each item.

  • If the item is valid (commissioned), the item is listed with a green checkmark icon.
  • (FMD Europe only) If the item is valid (commissioned) but there is a warning from the NMVS, the application displays a yellow exclamation mark icon and a message from the NMVS.
  • If the item is invalid (decommissioned or there is an issue with the item), the application displays a red icon and an appropriate message.
    • (FMD Europe only) When an alert is raised while verifying against the NMVS, the application informs the user about the alert.
  • You can slide the item to the left and select Preview to view the details.