The tenant acts as a 3PL for the suppliers (MAHs) in the Serialized Logistics application. The tenant ships items to Bahrain or the UAE on behalf of the suppliers (MAHs). Before shipping in the mobile application, a picklist is created in the mobile application.

While verifying the picklist (EPCIS) in the Admin UI, the application returns an error message that the specified MAH country has multiple suppliers.

The same error can occur in the following cases:

  • The outbound external transfer to Bahrain is created. The user tries to download the Bahrain EPCIS file or send it by email on the outbound external transfers page in the Admin UI.
  • Shipping to the UAE in the mobile application.

The problem is that multiple suppliers (MAHs) want to ship items of the same product to the same country. Only one supplier can act as the MAH in a country. 

If multiple suppliers act as an MAH for the same product, the user must specify the country for each supplier where that supplier (MAH) is authorized to ship that product.   


The application displays an error message that the Specified MAH Country has multiple suppliers.

Example 1 - Verifying a picklist in the Admin UI:

Example 2 - Downloading the Bahrain EPCIS file in the Admin UI:

Example 3 - Shipping to the UAE in the mobile application:


1. Identify the product code (GTIN) in the shipment. Make sure that you identify all product codes.

2. Go to the Serialized Logistics application in the Admin UI.

3. On the Products tab in the Admin UI, enter the product code and identify the associated suppliers.

4. For each supplier, specify the MAH country in the Admin UI.

  1. Find and select the supplier under the Site management --> Suppliers tab.
  2. Click on the Products tab in the Update supplier panel.
  3. Find the product in the list.
  4. Click the edit icon on the right to open the Update product pop-up.
  5. Select the country (or countries) in the Specific MAH countries drop-down.
    • Do not select the same country for two or more suppliers. Only one supplier can be the MAH of a product in a specific country.
    • If you do not select the country, all countries apply to the supplier which might lead to the same error. 
  6. Click Save.
  7. Repeat this procedure for each supplier.

The following example illustrates the case when supplier A ships to Bahrain, while supplier B ships to the UAE. Notice that the product code is the same in both cases. Suppliers ship different instances of the same product to different countries.

Supplier A setting:

Supplier B setting:

5. If there are multiple products in the shipment, repeat the previous step for each product.

6. Once the country is specified on each supplier for each product, the application allows shipping of the items.

  • Picklist verification will give a successful result.
  • Shipping is possible in the mobile application.
  • EPCIS files are generated successfully.