Each transfer that you perform as a 3PL in the Serialized Logistics application is stored. The Reports & Analysis application enables you to generate a “total count” report about the scans performed for a supplier (MAH) in a given month. You can download the file, send the file to an email address, or perform both actions at the same time.

The report is in CSV format that contains the number of scanned containers, the number of scanned trade items, the number of shipped trade items, and the total number of scans for each outbound external transfer of that month. In the last row of the report, there is a total count for each of these columns.

Note: To access this page, the "Administrator" role is required.


1. In the Reports & Analysis application, select 3PL --> Suppliers. The application displays a report configuration section and a list of suppliers.


2. Select a supplier.

3. Select a month.

4. If you want to send the report by email, enter an email address in the Email field.

5. Click on the REPORT drop-down.

In the following example, we are generating the report for supplier "MAH providing EPCIS 1.1":

  • The selected month is June, 2022.
  • An email address is also entered.


6. Select an action.

Action on the UIDescription
Email reportAn email including the CSV file is sent to the email address specified in the Email field.
Download reportYou can download the CSV file to your computer.
Send email and download reportYou can download the CSV file to your local computer and the file is sent to the email address specified in the Email field.

Note: The application generates the CSV file before executing the action. Depending on the number of transfers to be processed, the operation might take some time.

The following example illustrates what type of data is included in the CSV file:

Transfer IDNumber of scanned containers*Number of scanned trade items**Number of shipped trade items***Total number of scans****

* Top-level container.

** Stand-alone (non-aggregated) trade items in the transfer.

*** The number of aggregated trade items and non-aggregated trade items.

**** The number of total scans = the number of top-level containers + the number of stand-alone (non-aggregated) trade items.