The Wholesaler FMD application enables users to check the products that arrive at the warehouse and keep track of the products that leave the warehouse.

Before configuring the Wholesaler FMD application, make sure a connection is established to the National Medicines Verification System (NVMS):

You can manage the Wholesaler FMD application by configuring and managing the settings in the tabs mentioned below:


You can create the warehouses in the application and assign an NMVS channel to each of them. Specific devices can be added to the warehouses to limit the use of the device to a specific warehouse by adding the UUID of the device to the configuration.


You can assign the mobile users of your tenant as operators in the application. Each operator must be assigned to a warehouse. It is possible to configure privileges for every operator individually: the privileges follow the verification and decommissioning activities. An operator can also be assigned to a specific device by adding the UUID of the device.


Wholesalers or 3PLs can connect to Marketing Authorization Holders (MAH) in two ways to complete scanning activities for them:

  • By connecting to MAH in Movilitas.Cloud that uses Movilitas.Cloud with a partner request.
  • By establishing a connection to the TraceLink or the SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences (SAP ICH) system of the MAH and sending data to that system in the case MAH is not using Movilitas.Cloud.

You can also set up Movilitas.Cloud to generate reports hourly or daily for the MAH about the activities.


Wholesalers can also add their Third-Party Logistics (3PLs). 3PLs complete scanning activities for these wholesalers. 3PLs can be connected with a partner request and they use one of the following models:

  • The 3PL becomes a full customer in Movilitas.Cloud and use all available features of the solution.
  • The 3PL becomes a partner and only carries out the scanning activities that the MAH requires them to do (limited functions).

The wholesaler has the option to set up a connection to its SAP ATTP system over WebMethods and send data about the activities that the 3PL completes in the warehouse.


You can create orders to perform the same scanning activity on a group of items. The orders can be saved during the process and a different user can resume the activity. You can also upload serials for the order and submit the order to the NMVS system without scanning in Movilitas Mobile.

Bulk actions

The bulk actions are performed on the packs by the operator. The statuses of the bulk actions are recorded in the Bulk actions tab along with the responses that are received from the NMVS system asynchronously.


You can configure the modes of operation how to access the Wholesaler FMD application based on your requirement of using the application. The available modes of operation are:

  • Wholesaler and 3PL mode
  • Wholesaler mode
  • 3PL mode

You can configure an FMD repository to store all the scans that are created in the warehouse. MAHs can also store the scans their connected 3PLs create on their behalf.

You can also turn on sending notifications about bulk actions to administrators.