In the FMD Reports application, you can create reports about activities carried out in the Wholesaler FMD application towards the National Medicines Verification System (NMVS) provided that an FMD repository is set up for the tenant, that is, the data about the scanning activities are stored in a repository dedicated to the tenant.

This article provides an overview of the application and a typical workflow to ease understanding.


Overview (Tabs)

Configure the FMD Reports application to create reports based on the data stored in the FMD repository. You can create a repository for the tenant and set it in the Wholesaler FMD and in the FMD Reports application.

You can configure and manage the FMD Reports application by configuring and managing the settings in the tabs explained below:

Audit trail

You can view the activities in the Audit trail tab even if the FMD repository is not set up for the tenant. You can query all the activities connected to a pack by giving the combination of Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) or Pharmacy Product Number (PPN) and the serial number. The search results can be downloaded in a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

Schedule FMD report

You can schedule the FMD reports monthly, weekly, or daily.

Generated reports

You can download all the scheduled reports that are generated in the application. You can search for a generated report by filtering on type, country, and filename.


You can configure the application-level settings.

Configuration and Operation Workflow

Note: In the below use case, we assume that you have already activated the FMD Reports application in Movilitas.Cloud. This is a one-time activity when you start your journey with Movilitas.Cloud. For more information, see Enabling Applications for a Tenant.

Before You Begin

You need to create a dedicated FMD repository to schedule FMD reports. You can decide to use the common repository of Movilitas.Cloud, but in this case, you cannot schedule FMD reports. For more information on how to create an FMD repository, see Managing Repositories.

If you want to send the generated reports to an FTP server, make sure that you have created an FTP channel for your FTP host. For more information, see Configuring an FTP Channel.

If you want to send the generated reports to an SFTP server, make sure that you have created an SFTP channel for your SFTP host. For more information, see Configuring an SFTP Channel.


1. Set the FMD repository under the Settings tab. For more information, see Managing Settings.

2. Schedule FMD reports under the Schedule FMD report tab. For more information, see Scheduling FMD Reports and Creating FMD Reports On-Demand.

3. Configure the Wholesaler FMD application, and perform scanning activities. For more information, check the respective category tile in the knowledge base.

4. In the FMD Reports application, analyze the scanning activities: