Movilitas.Cloud offers a group of applications for activation. Activation is a one-time action before configuring the application.

Select the applications based on your business requirements. Once the application is activated, you can configure it based on your use case.


1. Go to Movilitas.Cloud Console --> My tenants.

2. Select the tenant or click Open tenant next to it.

You are taken to the Tenant Dashboard. Also, the navigation pane changes to include the Applications of the selected tenant, the Notifications of the selected tenant, and the Application store. The application store is available from two places: the navigation pane and the Tenant Dashboard.

3. Click Application store. Movilitas.Cloud offers a group of applications based on internal database information.

By default, DSCSA Product Verification & Tracing, FMD Reports, Reports & Analysis, Serialized LogisticsSerialized Manufacturing, and Wholesaler FMD are displayed. Further applications are displayed based on tenant activity in the past. If you want to activate an application that is not available in the list, contact Movilitas.Cloud Support.

The following example illustrates the default view with the above-mentioned applications:


4. Select the application based on your business requirements. You can search for an application by entering the application name in the search field and selecting a category.

The application displays a panel containing the Enable application button and the pictograms about the supported platforms:

  • Web (Administrator UI)
  • Desktop - Applicable to Repacker FMD application only.
  • Mobile

The following example illustrates the case when activating the Serialized Logistics application:

5. Click Enable application. The system informs you about the additional costs.

6. Confirm the operation in the pop-up window by selecting Confirm. The application is activated.

Next Steps

In the Tenant Dashboard, configure the users, relevant channels, repositories, API keys, and more. Then, configure the activated applications.