Movilitas.Cloud is a cloud-based platform hosting a group of tailor-made applications to enable companies to meet manufacturing, serialization, and reporting requirements.

Parties of the pharmaceutical industry can perform serialization and reporting activities:

  • Manufacturers, wholesalers, pre-wholesalers, parallel importers, repackers, and hospital pharmacies use applications that are tailored to individual requirements.
  • The applications enable the participants to comply with the regulations introduced by the government.

Parties of the agricultural industry can perform manufacturing activities and serialized logistics:

  • Manufacturers can record the quantities and batches during production and update their external systems integrated with Movilitas.Cloud.
  • Participants of the serialized logistics can perform inbound and outbound activities in the supply chain and update external systems integrated with Movilitas.Cloud.

Movilitas.Cloud Admin

Use Movilitas.Cloud Admin to customize the solution to your needs. Movilitas.Cloud Admin helps in:

  • Configuring and managing the Movilitas.Cloud applications.
  • Extending the applications with Movilitas Mobile and Movilitas Desktop.

The configuration enables the businesses to carry out the scanning activities for operations like commissioning, decommissioning, packing, repacking, serializing, shipping, or scheduling reports.

In Movilitas.Cloud, you can establish connections to the following external systems:

  • EU Hub
  • National Medicines Verification Systems in Europe
  • BPOM (Indonesia)
  • Russian Drug Circulation Monitoring System (MDLP) and Advanced Technology Development Center in Russia (CRPT)
  • SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (SAP ATTP)
  • SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences (SAP ICH)
  • SFDA RSD (Saudi Arabia)
  • Tatmeen (UAE)
  • Novumgen (UK)
  • TraceLink
  • TRVST (Africa)
  • VRS Providers (DSCSA USA)

Movilitas Mobile

The applications that support scanning are extended with the Movilitas Mobile application. Movilitas Mobile is available in different languages.

You have two choices:

  • For handheld (mobile) scanners or mobile devices, install Movilitas Mobile on the devices. You also need to configure the scanner.
  • For table scanners connected to the USB of your device, open Movilitas Mobile in a web browser on (production environment). You also need to configure the scanner.

Movilitas Desktop (Repacker FMD Only)

When using the Repacker FMD application, use Movilitas Desktop in a web browser with table scanners connected to the USB of your device. This is a legacy solution, limited to the Repacker FMD application to perform certain operations. You also need to configure the scanner.