You can send commissioning requests using the Manufacturer for Pharma API to the Manufacturer for Pharma application. 

On the Market Events tab, view the results of commissioning requests sent using the Manufacturer for Pharma API and take the necessary actions on them.

Before You Begin

If you want to commission items to the EU market, make sure that an EU Hub channel is configured and the channel is set under the Settings tab.


1. Create and send a commissioning request using the Manufacturer for Pharma API to the Manufacturer for Pharma application.

2. Open the Manufacturer for Pharma application and go to the Market Events tab.



3. Find the market event you just completed.

  • Select the status.
  • Enter the product code, batch, or expiration date in the search field.

Note: To automatically update the page with the latest market events, select the Auto-refresh button on the top-right corner and keep it on.

4. View the details and complete the necessary action.


You can expand the market event to see more details. Depending on the status of the event, the following actions are available:

  • Approve - For serials in status Pending commissioning approval, you can click the checkmark icon (Approve) to commission the serials.
  • Manual approve - For serials in status Commissioning error or Decommissioning error, you can review the error and click the checkmark icon (Approve manually) to commission the serials manually. When users attempt to manually approve a repacked product without origin GTIN in the market events, the system displays a message to add an origin GTIN and retry to approve again.
  • Set origin GTIN - For repacked products, make sure that the origin GTIN is set.
  • Resend - If an error occurred while sending the request, identify and resolve the issue, and then resend the request.

Next Steps

After approving the request, you commission the serials to the EU market:

  • If a direct (automated) connection to the EU Hub is established, Movilitas.Cloud sends the requests to the EU Hub. Check the status of the EU Hub requests on the EU Hub channel.
  • Otherwise, the report JSON file is sent to the email address specified on the EU Hub channel and you need to manually update the EU Hub (Melior gateway).