Set up the Manufacturer for Pharma application to enable compliance with serialization and reporting requirements as a manufacturer.

You can manage the Manufacturer for Pharma application by configuring and managing the settings in the tabs mentioned below:

Serial Number pool

Movilitas.Cloud offers the serial number pool in the Manufacturer for Pharma application for serial number management. The serial numbers are linked to global trade item numbers (GTINs) which represent the products. The GTINs can be created in the system one by one or multiple ones can be uploaded using a comma-separated values (CSV) file.  

There are two ways to fill the serial number pool for a GTIN:  

  • Generate serial numbers in Movilitas.Cloud using the Serial Number Management source OR
  • Establish a connection to an SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (SAP ATTP) system from where Movilitas.Cloud can fetch the serial numbers

To generate the serial numbers in Movilitas.Cloud, a business channel is to be created with Serial Number Management source. whereas to request the serials from SAP ATTP system, a connection to SAP ATTP must be established using a business channel with SAP ATTP source.

You can follow up on the status of the serial numbers of a certain GTIN in the serial number pool.

Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs)

With the GTINs UI, you can either create a single GTIN or multiple GTINs.

Serial Shipping Container Codes

You can manage serial shipping container codes (SSCCs) that are used to group individual packs of medicinal products and to keep track of them during the packaging process. Manufacturers can create SSCC sequences that follow the GS1 standard and can be used outside the company. All SSCCs are listed in the SSCC pool where their history is available with all the status changes.

Printing Orders

In the Manufacturer for Pharma application, you can create printing destinations and send printing orders to these destinations. It is possible to set up Graphic West or NiceLabel as a printing destination by creating a business channel with Graphic West or NiceLabel source, respectively. Once either is set up as a printing destination, Movilitas.Cloud can generate printing orders including the serial numbers in the required format.

You can include the following pieces of information in a printing order: 

  • Order ID
  • Amount of serial numbers
  • GTIN
  • Batch
  • Expiration date
  • Printing destination

The serial numbers included in the printing order get the Assigned status in the serial number pool and they are associated with the order ID.

Production Orders

In the Manufacturer for Pharma application, you can create packaging lines to establish a connection with systems on the shop floor. You can set up a connection with a Wipotec OCS machine on the shop floor by creating a shop floor channel with Wipotec-OCS source and then creating a packaging line using this shop floor channel. Once you have packaging lines, you can send production orders to them.

In a production order, you can specify the number of serial numbers that are to be used in production as well as the percentage of extra serial numbers. With the extra percentage, you make sure that there are enough serial numbers in case any errors happen during production. You can follow up on the progress of production orders in the Order History. Once the production order is released, the serial numbers included in it get the Assigned status in the serial number pool and they are associated with the order number.

In the article mapping of the Wipotec-OCS channel settings, it is possible to create mappings and specify up to 4 aggregation levels for the GTINs included in the mapping.

Market Events

You can send commissioning requests to Movilitas.Cloud through the Manufacturer for Pharma API and then commission the items to the EU Hub under the Market Events tab. You can view the status of these requests and take further action if necessary.

Pack history

Using the pack history, you can follow up on what's happened to a specific serial number of a GTIN.


Allows you to configure the EU hub and SAP Blockchain channels along with other additional settings.