You can manage the application-level settings under the Serialized Manufacturing application --> Settings tab:

  • You can manage market profiles.
  • You can activate or deactivate the automatic release of packaging orders.
  • You can allow the creator to release batches for printing or make it mandatory to involve another user in this procedure.

The market profiles are essential for multiple activities in the application, like:

  • Product registration
  • Creating and releasing packaging orders
  • Commissioning items to the market

Note: To access this page, the "Administrator" role is required.

Before You Begin

Make sure that you have configured the regulatory and business channels to communicate with external systems.

In the pharmaceutical industry:

  • For the European (EU) market, you can establish a connection to the EU Hub (EMVO).
  • For the Indonesian (IDN) market, you can establish a connection to the National Agency of Drug and Food Control in Indonesia (BPOM).
  • For the Chinese (CHN) market, you can establish a connection to an SAP ICH system.
  • For the Russian (RUS) market, you can establish a connection to TraceLink as a TraceLink Partner.
  • For the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market, you can establish a connection to TraceLink as a TraceLink Partner. 
  • For the Kazakhstani (KAZ) market, you can establish a connection to the Order Management Station (OMS) Cloud.
  • For the United States of America (USA) market, you can connect to the .med services as the Verification Router Service (VRS) responder. However, this connection does not require a specific channel because the connection is automatically set up.

When the external system processes commissioning, Movilitas.Cloud sends the commissioning requests from the Serialized Manufacturing application to that external system through the configured channel. This is applicable to EU Hub, BPOM, SAP ICH, and TraceLink.


1. In the Serialized Manufacturing application, click the Settings tab.


2. To create a market profile, click Create. The application displays the Create market profile dialog.

3. Select the market.

4. Configure the market as described in the table below.

EUSelect an EU Hub channel.
IDNSelect a BPOM channel.
CHNSelect an SAP ICH channel.
RUSSelect a TraceLink Partner channel.
UAESelect a TraceLink Partner channel.
KAZSelect an OMS Cloud channel.
USA1. Leave the Channel field blank to connect to the .med services.
2. Provide the default Global Location Number (GLN) for VRS responses in the Default VRS Response GLN field. Follow the GS1 standard when providing the GLN.
  • This GLN will be used in the response when a request comes in for a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).
  • This value is overwritten by the VRS Responder GLN value set at the product level.

Example 1:

Example 2:

5. Click Save. The application displays the created market profile in the list.

6. To update a market profile, click the edit icon for a market profile and modify the market settings.

7. To delete a market profile, click the delete icon for a market profile and confirm the deletion.

8. If you want to automatically release the packaging orders to the packaging line, select Automatic release of packaging orders.

Note: This checkbox is applicable when your company applies packaging lines.

9. If you want to involve another user to release a previously created batch, select A second user is required to release the batch (default setting is selected).

  • This is a quality assurance step when another user reviews and confirms the batch before the batch can be used in a serialization activity (printing or packaging controlled by Movilitas.Cloud).
  • If the checkbox is cleared, the same user can create and release the batch.