The Settings tab allows you to configure and manage the application-level settings.

You can perform the following actions:

  • Select a pre-configured EU Hub channel to send requests to the European (EU) Hub.
    • If the connection is not established to EU Hub, you can receive the report JSON file in an email if the email address is set on the EU Hub channel and you need to manually update the EU Hub (Melior gateway).
    • If a connection to the EU Hub is established, Movilitas.Cloud can send requests to verify and decommission the original packs and activate the new ones (Demo only; not supported in the live environment).
  • Set a default printer - You can set a default printer in the Repacker FMD application for all the operators who carry out scanning activities.

Before You Begin

Make sure that:


1. In the Repacker FMD application, select the Settings tab.

2. Specify the business channel with EU Hub source in the Select EU Hub channel field.

3. In the Select printing destination type field, select Zebra Cloud printer

4. Specify the ID of the printer in the Cloud printer ID field.


5. Save your settings.