Assign mobile users of the tenant as operators in the Repacker FMD application to enable them to scan the items.

Before You Begin

Make sure that:

  • You have assigned mobile users to the tenant.
  • You have configured the Zebra Cloud Connect printer to connect to Movilitas.Cloud.


1. In the Repacker FMD application, select the Operators tab. The application displays the available operators versus active operators.


2. In the Available operators list, find the user by using the search field.

Note: The Available operators list shows the mobile users of the tenant.


3. Click the Assign operator icon next to the user. The application informs you about the additional costs.

4. Confirm the action in the pop-up window by selecting Confirm. The application displays the assigned user in the Active operators list.

5. In the Active operators list, find the operator by using the search field and then click on the operator or select Edit user privileges icon next to the operator. The operator details are expanded.


6. (Optional) In the Select printing destination type drop-down, select Zebra Cloud printer.

7. (Optional) Provide the printer ID in the Cloud printer ID field. You can only specify Zebra Cloud Connect printers that support the WebLink interface.

Note: If you do not specify a printer here, the operator will be linked to the default printer that is set under the Settings tab.


8. Specify privileges for the operator. All available privileges are assigned to the operator by default. You can remove any privilege or remove all and add the ones that are needed. 

The privileges are explained below:

ReceivingEnables the operator to scan and receive packs for an SSCC by using the Repacker FMD desktop application.
DecommissioningEnables the operator to scan and decommission SSCCs containing packs by using the Repacker FMD mobile application.
RepackagingEnables the operator to scan and repackage the packs by using the Repacker FMD desktop application.
QAEnables the operator to carry out the last step - the quality assurance step - in the repackaging process by using the Repacker FMD desktop application.

The operator can check whether the process went as expected or any mistakes were made and action is needed.

9. Click Save User Privileges.

Operators on the shopfloor now can start scanning the products and print the SSCC labels.

You can remove an assigned operator by clicking the delete icon next to the operator in the Active operators list. In this case, the operator goes back to the Available operators list.