The Hospital Pharmacies FMD application can be used for reporting activities on medicinal products to the applicable NMVS system.


Administrator UI Overview (Tabs)

The Hospital Pharmacies FMD application helps you to scan the medicinal products and send the information to the NMVS system using the NMVS business channels. With the administrator or moderator user role, you can configure and manage the settings in the following tabs:

  • Hospitals
  • Operators

You must first create hospitals with a connection to the right NMVS business channel and then associate operators to the hospitals so that the operators are able to perform the scanning activities.

Configuration and Operation Workflow

Before You Begin

Make sure that:


1. On the Hospitals tab, configure the hospital where the scanning activities will be performed. You must set the country and the NMVS channel per hospital. For more information, see Managing Hospitals.

2. Assign operators to the hospital and set the privileges under the Operators tab. For more information, see Managing Operators.

3. As an operator, perform scanning activities in the hospital. An operator with administrator rights can also monitor the bulk actions. For more information, see Movilitas Mobile for Hospital Pharmacies FMD.