Medicinal products arrived and you want to scan their serial numbers and group them on a case or pallet that is identified by a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC).

Use the Repacker FMD desktop application to scan the individual packs and group them using an SSCC.

Before You Begin

Make sure the administrator has assigned you as an operator to the Repacker FMD application and authorized you to receive products.


1. Open the Repacker FMD desktop application.


3. Select the SSCC for receiving:

  • Select GET NEW SSCC to get an SSCC for the product you are about to scan.
  • To continue working on an SSCC you started earlier, select CONTINUE WITH EXISTING SSCC

4. Scan the packs that belong to the SSCC.

Scanning the packsOnce you scan the first pack, the Lot, the GTIN, and Exp. date fields are populated, and the first serial number is displayed in the list of serials.

All packs scanned on the same SSCC must have the same lot, GTIN, and expiration date.

The serial number of each scanned pack is listed one after the other.

If there is a scanning error, the application informs you about the cause and you can remove the item from the list.

If there is a target amount set for the SSCC in the Admin UI, the application displays the total scanned amount versus the target amount on the top-right corner of the list and informs you when you exceed the target amount.
Searching for a serial numberYou can search for a serial number by entering the serial number in the search field on the top-left corner of the list.
Removing a scanned itemYou can remove an item from the list by selecting Remove.
Pausing the receiving processYou can pause receiving at any time by selecting PAUSE RECEIVING and you can continue scanning for the SSCC later.

5. Print the SSCC label by selecting the Printing destination type and then choosing PRINT SSCC on the top-right corner of the screen. Put the SSCC label on the container.

The Repacker FMD application supports Zebra Cloud Connect printers.

Note: The printing option is only applicable when the printing settings are configured in the Repacker FMD application in the Administrator UI:

  • The operator has a configured printing destination OR
  • A printing destination is configured on the application level under the Settings tab.

6. Select RECEIVE GOODS to finish scanning for the SSCC. The status of the SSCC changes to Sending Verification.

A verification request is sent to the European (EU) Hub to verify the packs.

IMPORTANT: When an active connection to the EU Hub is not available, the request is wrapped into a JSON file, and the JSON file is sent to the email address specified on the EU Hub channel. You can use the JSON file to update the EU Hub manually.

Next Steps