The Repacker FMD mobile application enables users to decommission the source products by scanning the serial shipping container codes (SSCCs) that group them.

Before You Begin

Make sure the administrator has assigned you as an operator to the Repacker FMD application and authorized you to decommission products.


1. Open the Repacker FMD application in Movilitas Mobile.

2. Tap Decommission. The application displays the scanning mode:

3. Select the scanning mode.

  • Select Scan pack/carton/pallet to scan a single SSCC.
  • Select Scan multiple packs/cartons/pallets to scan multiple SSCCs.

Note: You might be prompted to allow Movilitas Mobile to take pictures and record videos.

4. Scan the SSCCs. 

When scanning multiple SSCCs, you can remove an item by sliding the item to the left and selecting REMOVE.

5. Select Decommission Pack/Carton/Pallet.

  • The status of the SSCC changes to Sending Decommissioning.
  • A request with the details of all the packs grouped by the SSCC is sent to the European (EU) Hub to decommission the packs. The status of the SSCC changes to Pending Decommissioning.

IMPORTANT: When an active connection to the EU Hub is not available, the request is wrapped into a JSON file, and the JSON file is sent to the email address specified on the EU Hub channel. You can use the JSON file to update the EU Hub manually.

Next Steps