View the results of commissioning requests sent over the Manufacturer V2 API, and take the necessary actions on them on the Commissioning tab. For each product, select the items and the market where you want to send the commissioning approval and report.

Before You Begin

To commission and report to the market, make sure the respective connection has been established to the external system:

  • EU Hub channel for the EU market
  • BPOM channel for the IDN market
  • SAP ICH channel for the CHN market

Make sure that you have sent all the commissioning requests to Movilitas.Cloud over the Manufacturer V2 API:

  • Commission Serials request for the serial numbers related to produced packs.
  • Aggregation requests related to aggregations of produced packs on containers.


1. Open the Serialized Manufacturing application and go to the Commissioning tab.


2. Find the product for which you want to commission items.

3. Expand the product by clicking > next to the product code on the left. The application displays the batch and the expiration date.

4. Expand the row displaying the batch and the expiration date. The application displays the containers and serials waiting for commissioning.

5. Select the items you want to commission. If you want to select all the items, select the checkbox next to the batch on the left.

6. Under the Market column, click the drop-down and select the market (EU, IDN, or CHN). The Commission button becomes active.


7. Click Commission. The items are commissioned and reported to the selected market.

Next Steps

After you commission the items to the market, track the requests sent to the EU Hub, BPOM, or SAP ICH and verify the response. For more information, see the EU Hub, BPOM, and SAP ICH channels.

After successful commissioning, you can ship the items. For more information, see the Serialized Logistics application.