In the Settings tab, you can manage the Manufacturer for Pharma application-level settings.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have created and configured a business channel with the applicable source:

  • EU Hub
  • MediLedger Manufacturer
  • SAP Cloud Blockchain


1. Open the Manufacturer for Pharma application.

2. On the Settings tab, specify the business channel with EU Hub source in the Select EU Hub channel field.

3. In the Select blockchain channel field, select the business channel with SAP Cloud Blockchain source. 

4. In the Select VRS publish channel field, select the MediLedger Manufacturer channel. This ensures that the manufacturer will be able to view additional settings to add or remove products in the VRS database.

5. In the Select market ID field, select the market or country to which the products must be commissioned.

6. Select the Automatic release of orders checkbox, if you want the production orders to be automatically released to the packaging lines.

7. Save your settings.