In the Settings tab, you can manage the Serialized Logistics for Agro application-level settings.

Before You Begin

Make sure that:

  • You have configured an SAP AII channel.
  • You have configured a Zebra Cloud Connect (WebLink) printer and it connects to Movilitas.Cloud.


1. In the Serialized Logistics for Agro application, select the Settings tab.

2. Select a default business channel from the Select business channel drop-down.

Note: If you do not configure a business channel for the warehouse, the business channel configured under the Settings tab applies.

3. Provide a default printer ID in the Cloud printer ID field.

Note: If a cloud printer ID is not configured at the operator-level, the cloud printer ID configured under the Settings tab applies.

4. Select the Enable partial receiving of inbound orders checkbox if you want to receive the inbound orders in multiple stages.

5. Select the Enable ongoing orders update checkbox if you want to update the orders that have ongoing activities in the warehouse.


6. Click Save Settings.