The Serialized Logistics for Agro enables agricultural companies to handle serialized logistics in their warehouses.

With this application, you can use the following capabilities:

Connection to SAP AII (ATTP) and Storing Scanning Data on a Dedicated Repository

The connection to the external system is established through an SAP AII channel.

You can also set a repository to store your scanning data.

Administrator UI

Enables the users with administrator or moderator user role, to configure and manage the application:

  • Defining printing templates.
  • Configuring site-related settings, including warehouses, operators, and devices.
  • Registering suppliers.
  • Managing inbound and outbound orders.
  • Managing the SSCC pool.
  • Controlling application-level settings.

Movilitas Mobile and Movilitas Desktop for Serialized Logistics for Agro

Operators in the warehouse can complete the following activities on the products:

  • Prepare labels
  • Receive products
  • Pick and Pack products
  • Ship products
  • Pack products
  • Unpack products
  • Decommission products
  • Print labels

The scanning activities are reported to the SAP AII system configured for the warehouse.

Serialized Logistics for Agro API

The Serialized Logistics for Agro application can be extended through the Serialized Logistics for Agro API in the following ways:

  • To create inbound order
  • To create outbound order
  • To receive SSCCs
  • To replace inbound order
  • To replace outbound order