Create production orders to send them to the packaging line.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have created a packaging line.


1. In the Manufacturer for Pharma application, open the Production Orders tab.

2. On the Create Order form, enter an order number and a description.

3. Specify the number of serials for production in the Amount field.

4. Specify the percentage of extra serial numbers. The Extra field is to make sure that there are enough serial numbers in case any errors happen during production.

5. Provide the GTIN, the batch, and the expiration date of the product.

If the Product is aggregated checkbox is selected in the GTIN configuration of the GTIN you specify here, that is, the GTIN is aggregated, specify the aggregation level structure in the article mapping of the Wipotec-OCS shop floor channel you are sending this production order to.

If you select the last day of a month as date, the Replace Day with 00 checkbox appears.

6. Select a packaging line.

7. Choose Create.

The system asks you to confirm that you want to create the production order with the data that you provided. Once you confirm, the item appears in the Production Orders list.

8. Find the item in the Production Orders list and send it by choosing the Release Order icon under the Action column.

You have created and released a production order with the given amount of serial numbers. These serial numbers are now in Assigned status in the serial number pool and they are associated with the order number.