Manage customers in the Serialized Logistics for Pharma application to carry out shipping.

The customers and customer sites that you configure here are available in the Serialized Logistics for Pharma mobile and desktop applications. The operators can select these customers and customer sites to ship products.


1. In the Serialized Logistics for Pharma application, go to Customers.

2. On the Create customer form, provide a name for the customer.

3. (Optional) Provide the Serialized Global Location Number (SGLN).

4. (Optional) Select Shipping to Russia checkbox if the customer to be created is a Russian customer.

The application displays the Receiver ID field.

5. If the Shipping to Russia checkbox is selected, provide the Russian code of the customer in the Receiver ID field.

Note: When an SAP ICH business channel is configured for the warehouse or as the default business channel, the receiver ID is included in the EPCIS request sent to the SAP ICH.

6. Click Create. The customer is added to the Warehouse customers list.

7. Select the customer you just created in the Warehouse customers list. The application displays the Customer sites form.

8. On the Customer sites form, provide the name and the SGLN of the site.

9. Click on the (Add Site) icon.

10. To search for a customer, type the customer name in the Search warehouse customers field.

11. To update an existing customer, select a customer from the list.

12. Modify the customer data on the Update customer form and manage customer sites on the Customer sites form:

  • To add a customer site, select + (Add Site).
  • To edit a customer site, modify the name or the SGLN.
  • To delete a customer site, select the delete icon (Remove customer location).

13. Click Update.

14. To delete a customer, select the delete icon for the customer in the list and confirm the deletion.

The customers and customer sites you configured are visible in the Serialized Logistics for Pharma mobile and desktop application under the Ship action.

Next Steps

Operators can scan and ship the products to the customers and customer sites using the Serialized Logistics for Pharma mobile or desktop application.