On the Serialized Logistics application --> Settings tab, you can manage the application-level settings.

  • You can set the default business channel for the application (if applicable).
  • You can provide an external GS1 Digital Link Resolver server URL (if applicable).

Both settings are optional and are strongly connected to certain business use cases. If none of the above is applicable to your use case, you can leave the Settings page in the default state.

When an operator requests electronic content by scanning a GS1 Data Matrix barcode of a pack in the mobile application, the application takes the pack data and connects to the external GS1 Digital Link Resolver server. The server will redirect the user to an external website for product information.

Note: To access this page, the "Administrator" role is required.

Before You Begin

Before configuring this page, consider your business use case. If one or both of the following are valid for your use case, configure this page:

  • You have created and configured an SAP ATTP or SAP ICH business channel.
  • You have a valid GS1 Digital Link Resolver server URL and your company prepared the server for processing the requests. The server is external and you cannot control it in Movilitas.Cloud.

If none of them is applicable, leave the page in the default state.


1. In the Serialized Logistics application, click on the Settings tab.

2. (Optional) Select the default business channel to use. 

3. (Optional) If you want to provide electronic content for the operators through an external GS1 Digital Link resolver server, enter the server URL in the GS1 Digital Link Resolver URL field. 


4. Click Save Settings.