The customer can find the FMD reports application within their dashboard. See attached screenshot for navigation.

To use FTP for FMD reports application, you would need to set up an FTP channel first. In order to do that please follow these steps:

  • Kindly navigate to the channels tab
  • Click on add new channel (see attached screenshot)
  • Kindly fill out the required information, make sure to select FTP (see attached screenshot)
  • Once that is done, kindly fill out with the FTP settings that you have (see attached screenshot)
  • Select save
Once you have set up the FTP channel you can schedule the FMD reports to arrive it to your FTP:

  • Kindly select your dashboard
  • Select FMD reports
  • Navigate to Schedule FMD reports tab (see attached screenshot)
  • Fill out the required information (if you don't need password protection just leave it blank)
  • Click receivers
  • Kindly select the FTP channel that you have created
    • input the file path that you want as the destination folder (make sure that folder exists, otherwise it will not be received)
  • Click create

Basically, these are the steps you need to follow in order to make the automation possible.

Please note that you need to have administrator privileges to set these preferences, so if you do not have it as a user, please ask the administrator to configure these settings.