If the customer faces the following issue: when making a report out of Movilitas, the code (GTIN or SN) is different than the one written on the package.

Then in this situation, the root cause might be:

  • The number is too long for the cell [excel can only handle 15 digits maximum]
    • This basically means if the user inputs a long number into a cell, Excel converts it to another format without asking. The generated report itself has no issues, Excel cannot handle the original format.

Please find two video guides that might help in configuring the CSVs to excel:

See the steps below that you need to follow in order to properly export CSV to excel without losing any formatting settings (please note that depending on the versions of excels solutions might vary):

  • Kindly open a new excel sheet
  • Navigate to Data tab
  • Select import from other file/import from CSV
  • Step 1 - choose delimited (first option)
  • Step 2 - select tab, semicolon, comma as well
  • Step 3 - select text (-this is the most important step as if you leave it in general format, you might run into information loss)
  • Press ok

This should solve the issue.