You can download reports that were scheduled and generated in the FMD Reports application. The reports are exported in Microsoft Excel Worksheet (XLSX) format and/or CSV format and the files are compressed as a ZIP file.


1. In the FMD Reports & Analysis application, go to the Generated reports tab. The application displays all the generated reports.

2. Search for a report by entering the name of the report in the search field and by using the filter drop-downs.

  • Under the Type drop-down, select a report type.
  • Under the Country drop-down, select a specific country.

The reports are filtered based on the search criteria. You can reset the filters by clicking Reset filters.

In the following example, we are searching for the daily quality management report dated 2021 August 16, for "Finland":

3. Click the Download report icon to download the ZIP file to your computer.

4. Extract the ZIP file and open the Microsoft Excel Worksheet (XLSX) or CSV file to check all the activities of the specific report.

Note: If the ZIP file is protected with a password and you are using a Windows computer, we recommend you to use a third-party file manager, for example, 7-Zip, to extract the file.