The purpose of this guide is to give an example of how to set up a barcode scanner so that it works with our desktop solutions at https://mobile.movilitas.cloud and https://desktop.movilitas.cloud. The descriptions provided are not exhaustive and are not meant to be exhaustive and do not attempt to cover all models from the providers or all possible setup scenarios that may be relevant to your goals or particular needs.

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List of Procedures

Configuring the Scanner and Generating a Configuration Barcode by using Honeywell EZConfig (US English)

The following procedure illustrates the case when configuring a Xenon 1900 and generating the configuration barcode. Follow the same approach for other Honeywell scanner types.

Before You Begin

Make sure that the keyboard language is set to English (United States) on your computer.


1. Create an account on the Honeywell sign-on website. Creating the account is free.

2. Download the Honeywell Download manager tool.

3. Download EZConfig by following the instructions in the following video.

4. Make sure that your scanner device is disconnected.

5. Open EZConfig.

6. Select Disconnected Device.

7. Enter the device number/name in the search field and click the device to configure.

8. Select the Data Formatting --> Prefix/Suffix tab and enter <mov> in the Prefix field.

9. Provide the suffix in one of the following ways:

  • Enter 5CB501002B in the Suffix Value field.
  • Provide the suffix as an Enter keypress.

Option 1 - Entering 5CB5001002B in the field:

Option 2 - Opening Insert Keypress and hitting Enter.

10. Click Finish.

11. Select the Data Formatting --> Data Formatter tab and do the following:

  1. Enter the following command sequence in the first possible row of the command sequences section: {F7}{E4}021d20{E9}00
  2. Select Data Format Required - Keep Prefix/Suffix in the Data Formatting Settings drop-down.

12. Select Scan Data Window --> Create Programming Bar Code tab, configure the bar code view details, and then select the 2D Bar Code tab at the bottom.

13. Generate the configuration barcode in the Bar Code Generation menu on the left by clicking Generate Bar Code.

Before generating the barcode, make sure that the following values are selected in the menu:

  • Settings - Changed Settings
  • Media Format - Print
  • Bar Code Type - 2D

The configuration barcode is generated and exported to a PDF as illustrated below.

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Setting the Keyboard Language by Scanning the Keyboard Country Layout in the Honeywell Scanner User Guide

If you have a keyboard setting other than English (United States), you need to scan the keyboard country layout in the Honeywell scanner user guide. Find the scanner user guide on the Honeywell website.

Before You Begin

Make sure that the scanner device is configured as described in Configuring the Scanner and Generating a Configuration Barcode by using Honeywell EZConfig.


1. Go to the Honeywell website and find the product description of your scanner device by using the search field.

For Voyager XP 147x series, the product description is here.

2. Select Resources tab and find the user guide in the Manuals and Guides section.


3. Download / Open the user guide.

4. Find chapter Keyboard County Layout.

5. Scan the barcode of your country.

6. Set the same language on your computer as well.

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Configuration Barcode for Xenon 1900 and Voyager XP 1470g (US English)

Use the attached configuration barcodes with keyboard language set to English (United States).

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