Use the Serialized Logistics mobile application to scan an item and view the underlying hierarchy.

The application requests the hierarchy information from Movilitas.Cloud database.

The application also supports the case when trade items are aggregated into another trade item.

Note: The procedure described below takes the use case when the operator scans the items by using the camera of the mobile device.

  • For mobile devices with built-in scanners, the GUI buttons related to scanning, like Scan Item, may not be displayed and you need to press the physical button on the device to scan.
  • For devices with external (table) scanners, you can point the scanner to the barcode to scan and you can ignore the GUI buttons on the screen related to scanning.

Before You Begin

Make sure the administrator has assigned you as an operator to the Serialized Logistics application and authorized you to view the hierarchy of the scanned item.


1. Open the Serialized Logistics application in Movilitas Mobile.

2. Select View hierarchy.

3. Select Scan Item and scan the trade item (sGTIN) or the container (SSCC).

The application displays the details of the scanned item and the underlying hierarchy:

  • You can verify the number of children on each hierarchy level.
  • You can view the list of children with the details.
  • If there are further levels in the hierarchy, you can expand the parent item by tapping >. Then, you can view the list of children with the details.
  • If there is no child, the application displays the following message: Item has no children.