The Print SSCC option enables you to preprint SSCC labels. By printing an SSCC label, you can build a new pallet or aggregate existing containers into another container. 

For the labels, you can control the extension digit of the SSCC (container hierarchy) and the company prefix to be used with the SSCC.

Before You Begin

The administrator must do the following:

  • Assign you as an operator in the Serialized Logistics application and authorize you to print labels.
  • Assign you to a warehouse
  • Assign a printing channel and a default printer to you 


1. Open the Serialized Logistics application in Movilitas Mobile.

2. Select Print SSCC. The application displays the following  option:

  • Preprint SSCCs

3. Select Preprint SSCCs.

The application displays the Preprint SSCCs page:

  • Extension digit drop-down - The first digit of the SSCC that represents the level of hierarchy.
  • Company Prefix drop-down - The company prefix within the SSCC.
  • The number of available SSCCs based on the selected extension digit and company prefix.
  • Number of labels field.

4. Select the extension digit and the company prefix. The number of available SSCCs is filtered based on the provided parameters.

Note: You can also leave these fields in default status, but then you do not have control over these parameters and Movilitas.Cloud automatically offers SSCCs.

5. Enter the number of labels.

6. Tap Preprint.

The application assigns SSCCs from the pool based on the provided parameters, and the SSCC labels are printed on the printer assigned to you. The format of the labels follows the preprinting SSCC template set for your warehouse.