View the pick lists that are waiting for shipping in the Serialized Logistics application.

  • Outbound external pick lists relate to shipments to clients.

Once a pick list is shipped, an outbound transfer is created and the pick list disappears from the Pickings view.


1. In the Serialized Logistics application, select the Pickings --> Outbound external tab. The application displays the pick lists waiting for shipping.

  • Sort the pick lists by purchase order ID.
  • Search for a pick list by entering the purchase order ID in the search field. You can reset the filtering by clicking on the Reset filters icon.
  • Click on the > (Expand) icon next to the pick list to view the details. The application displays the containers and trade items belonging to the pick list. You can view the hierarchy and the number of children at each level by clicking on the > (Expand) icon.
  • Click on the SSCC of a container and the application displays the SSCC History page in a separate browser tab.

In the following example, we are checking the details of a pick list that has the purchase order ID "PICKLIST0725-1":

  • The pick list will be shipped to a client.
  • The pick list contains two containers and three stand-alone trade items, collecting nine trade items altogether.

Once the pick list is shipped, an outbound external transfer is created with the same purchase order ID under the Transfers --> Outbound external tab. The shipped pick list disappears from the Pickings --> Outbound external view.