Graphic West prints the cartons including the serial numbers for the company or the company uses NiceLabel to print the labels for the pharmaceutical products. To do that, Movilitas.Cloud must execute the printing orders including the serial numbers in a certain format.

By following the procedure below, you can create printing orders.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have created at least one printing destination.


1. In the Manufacturer for Pharma application, open the Printing Orders tab.

2. On the Create Printing Order form, enter the required information.

Specify the number of serials required in the order in the Amount field. Provide an order ID and enter the details of the product. Select a printing destination.

If you select the last day of a month as date, the Replace Day with 00 checkbox appears.

3. Choose Create.

The system asks you to confirm the printing order with the data that you provided. Once you confirm, the item appears in the Printing Orders list. To view the details of a printing order, select it in the list.

You have created a printing order with the given amount of serial numbers. These serial numbers are now in Assigned status in the serial number pool and they are associated with the order ID. The printing order is sent to the specified destination.