Use the Serialized Logistics mobile application to receive the packs and containers that arrived in the warehouse.

Note: The procedures described below take the use case when the operator scans the items by using the camera of the mobile device. For mobile devices with built-in scanners, scanning-related GUI buttons, like Scan Item, may not be displayed and the user needs to press the physical button on the device to scan.

Before You Begin

Make sure that the administrator has assigned you as an operator in the Serialized Logistics application and authorized you to receive products in the specified warehouse.

The administrator can:

  • Assign you to a warehouse having a configured business channel (SAP ATTP or SAP ICH).
  • Assign you to a warehouse having a configured BPOM regulatory channel for the Indonesian market.

The scanning activity is reported to the applicable system through the respective channel.


1. Open the Serialized Logistics application in Movilitas Mobile.

2. Select Receive.

3. Select Internal. The application displays all the shipments based on batch or stock transfer ID (STID) that have not been received yet.

4. Search for a shipment by selecting the shipment type and using the search field. The application filters the list of shipments based on the search criteria.

5. Select the shipment and scan an item from the shipment to confirm receiving. The application displays a status message and the items related to the batch or the STID are received.

An order with all the details is created in Movilitas.Cloud. An administrator can check it by going to the Serialized Logistics application --> Transfers --> Inbound internal page.