Use the Serialized Logistics mobile application to replace the children of a parent trade item. The initial and the new items must have the same product code and batch. It is possible to replace certain children or all the children of the parent trade item.

The action is performed on the Movilitas.Cloud database only. The application does not send any event to an external system.

The application also supports the case when the child trade items contain further trade items.

Note: The procedure described below takes the use case when the operator scans the items by using the camera of the mobile device.

  • For mobile devices with built-in scanners, the GUI buttons related to scanning, like Scan Replaceable Items, may not be displayed and you need to press the physical button on the device to scan.
  • For devices with external (table) scanners, you can point the scanner to the barcode to scan and you can ignore the GUI buttons on the screen related to scanning.

Before You Begin

Make sure the administrator has assigned you as an operator to the Serialized Logistics application and authorized you to replace the children of a parent trade item.


1. Open the Serialized Logistics application in Movilitas Mobile.

2. Select Replace. The application displays the Replace screen.

3. Select Scan Replaceable Items and scan the trade items one by one that you want to replace.

The application displays the items in the list. To view the details of a scanned item or remove a scanned item, slide the item to the left and select Preview or Remove.

4. Once all the items that you want to replace are scanned, select Confirm

  • The Scan Replaceable Items button changes to the Scan Replacement Items button.
  • The Replaceable tab and the Replacements tab become active. The Replacements tab is auto-selected but you can change the view.
  • It is not possible to add more initial items to the Replaceable list. You can view the details of an item by sliding the item to the left and selecting Preview.

5. In the Replacements tab view, select Scan Replacement Items and scan the new trade items one by one that will replace the old items.

Make sure that you scan the same number of items. The Replace Items button remains inactive until the number of initial items and the number of new items match.

6. Once all the items that you want to include in the parent are scanned and the numbers match, select Replace Items.

  • The application displays a message that the items are replaced. The initial items are unpacked, the parent is kept active, and the new items are packed into the parent.
  • The application displays an appropriate error message in the following cases:
    • The batch of the initial items and the batch of the new items do not match.
    • The product code of the initial items and the product code of the new items do not match (while the batch is the same).
    • The new item that will replace the initial item already has a parent (still aggregated). Unpack the item before involving the item in the replacement procedure.
    • The initial items to be replaced belong to multiple parents.
    • The number of new items exceeds the number of initial items.
    • The items are not known in the system.