You can get an overview of all pending requests initiated from the mobile application to join your tenant. You can accept or deny the request.

You can manage pending mobile requests when the following checkboxes are selected in the Tenant Settings:

  • Enable public registration over mobile application checkbox.
  • Enable manual approval of mobile users checkbox.


1. Go to Movilitas.Cloud Console --> My tenants.

2. Select the tenant or click Open tenant next to it. The application displays the Tenant Dashboard.


3. On the Tenant Dashboard, click Mobile requests under the donut chart. The application displays the list of pending requests initiated from the mobile application and the action buttons on the right.


4. Do one of the following:

  • To accept the request, click the black-colored icon (Accept request). The user joins the tenant.
  • To deny the request, click the red-colored icon (Deny request).