This document collects all the relevant Loftware NiceLabel Cloud settings that are needed so that you can successfully configure a NiceLabel Label Cloud channel in Movilitas.Cloud.

The descriptions provided are not exhaustive and are not meant to be exhaustive and do not attempt to cover all possible configuration scenarios that may be relevant to your environment.

While we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, Movilitas makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability with respect to the information covered in this article for any purpose.

For more information on Loftware NiceLabel Cloud, go to https://www.loftware.com/products/labeling/nicelabel-cloud.

List of Procedures

Creating a Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Business Account


1. Go to https://www.loftware.com/products/labeling/nicelabel-cloud and contact Loftware.

2. Create a business account with a cloud instance.

3. Log in to NiceLabel Control Center of your cloud instance and invite your colleagues.

Next Steps

Generate a cloud integration key for the cloud instance in NiceLabel Control Center.

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Generating a Cloud Integration Key for the Cloud Instance in NiceLabel Control Center

To access the NiceLabel cloud instance over API, you need to provide integrator access by generating a cloud integration key. This key is used as an identifier to find the cloud instance when communicating with it over API.


1. Log in to the NiceLabel Control Center of your cloud instance.

2. In the left menu, select Integrations.

3. Select Cloud Integrations tab.


4. Click Add and add a cloud integration key by giving a name. The key is automatically generated.

5. Click Save.

6. Copy the key to your clipboard and keep it in a safe place.

Next Steps

Sign up on the NiceLabel API developer portal and subscribe to the NiceLabel Label Cloud API product.  

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Subscribing to NiceLabel Label Cloud API

This step ensures that you are authorized to use the NiceLabel Label Cloud API services.


1. If you do not have an account, sign up on the NiceLabel API developer portal at https://developerportal.onnicelabel.com/.

Note: You need to activate the account by clicking on the link received in email.

2. Log in to the portal and select the PRODUCTS tab.


3. Select the product.

4. Click Subscribe.

5. Provide a name for the subscription and click Confirm.


The portal generates the subscription for you with subscription keys.

6. On the profile page, under Your applications, register the application that you want to integrate with the NiceLabel Label Cloud over API.

For example, you can write Movilitas.Cloud for the application. You don't need to add all the details, the administrators will accept your request even if the information you give is limited.

7. Under Your subscriptions, find the primary key.


8. Click Show to view the value and copy the key.

Next Steps

At this point, you should have the subscription primary key and the cloud integration key of the cloud instance. You need to match the integration key with the subscription. To do that, create the NiceLabel Label Cloud channel in Movilitas.Cloud. For more information, see Configuring a NiceLabel Label Cloud Channel and Viewing the Assets and Print History.

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Downloading and Installing NiceLabel 10 Software

You need to download and install the NiceLabel 10 software on the Windows computers that will host the printers and labels. The software contains the following components:

  • NiceLabel Automation Manager 10 - Used for running the automation configuration. It makes your computers, printers, and labels visible in Movilitas.Cloud.
  • NiceLabel Designer 10 - Used for designing labels.
  • NiceLabel Print 10 - Not in use with Movilitas.Cloud.
  • NiceLabel Automation Builder 10 - Software for creating, viewing, and editing automation configuration. For developers only.


1. In NiceLabel Control Center, select Dashboard in the left menu.

2. Find the Common Actions section on the right, and click Download NiceLabel 10.


3. Download the installation file to your Windows computer that hosts the printers and labels.

4. Install the software by following the instructions in the installation wizard. All the software components are installed on your computer.

Next Steps

Open the NiceLabel Automation Manager 10 and run the Movilitas configuration file downloaded from Movilitas.Cloud.

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Running the Configuration in NiceLabel Automation Manager 10

The Movilitas configuration file contains all the triggers that Movilitas.Cloud needs when communicating with the computer hosting the printers and labels. By running the configuration file in the NiceLabel Automation Manager 10, you can access the computer hosting the printers and labels from Movilitas.Cloud.

Before You Begin

Make sure that you have downloaded the Movilitas configuration .misx file from Movilitas.Cloud. You can download the configuration file on the NiceLabel Label Cloud Channel page.


1. Start the NiceLabel Automation Manager 10.

2. On the left menu, next to Configurations, click + Add.

3. Open the Movilitas configuration .misx file.

4. Start all the triggers by clicking > Start one by one.


Next Steps

Open the NiceLabel Designer 10 and create labels.

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Designing and Storing a Label

You can create labels by using the NiceLabel Designer 10.


1. Open the NiceLabel Designer 10.

2. Create the label.

  • Include static information and logos
  • Include variables
  • Include a barcode (GS1 Data Matrix or GS1-128)
  • Specify the label size
  • And more...

For more information, visit the NiceLabel website. You can find a quick video tutorial here.

Movilitas.Cloud supports the following set of variables (as defined in the Print trigger in the Movilitas configuration .misx file):

  • batch
  • expiry_date
  • product_code
  • serial_number
  • sscc


3. Place the label to the following location: C:\NiceLabel - Movilitas.Cloud\Labels. Movilitas.Cloud checks this location for the list of labels.

Note: Make sure that you copy the labels to this location. Otherwise, you cannot apply the labels in Movilitas.Cloud.

4. Save the label to the network storage.

Next Steps

Add the computer to the NiceLabel Label Cloud channel in Movilitas.Cloud. For more information, see Configuring a NiceLabel Label Cloud Channel and Viewing the Assets and Print History.

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