You can assign mobile users as operators in the Manufacturer for Agro application to enable them to carry out the scanning activities in the manufacturer site.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have assigned mobile users to the tenant and created at least one manufacturer site for the tenant.


1. Open the Manufacturer for Agro application.

2. On the Operators tab, select the Assign operator icon next to the users in the Available Operators list to assign them. In the Available Operators list, you can see only the mobile users assigned to the tenant.

The assigned user appears in the Active Operators list.

3. Select the Edit user privileges icon next to the operator to edit the privileges of the operator. The operator’s details appear on the screen.

4. In the Assigned locations section, select a Manufacturer site. The Select work area field enables.

5. Select a work area, the Select work center field enables. 

6. Select the work center.

7. (Optional) Assign UUIDs to the operator.

You can assign specific devices to the operator by providing the universally unique identifiers (UUIDs) of these devices in the Add New UUID field. If UUIDs are added here, the operator can only use the devices with those UUIDs. If no UUIDs are specified here, the operator can use any device to scan the products in the warehouse.

8. Specify privileges for the operator. All available privileges are assigned to the operator by default. You can remove any privilege, or remove all and add the ones that are needed. The available privileges are explained below:

Privilege Name
Batch registration
Enables the operator to register the produced batch using the Manufacturer for Agro mobile application.
Ingredient registration
Enables the operator to register the consumed ingredients using the Manufacturer for Agro mobile application.

9. Choose Save User Privileges. Operators in the manufacturer site now can start scanning the products.