The Ingredient registration process allows the operators to record the consumption of the production order.

Before You Begin

The administrator must ensure the following settings in the Manufacturer for Agro admin application:

  • Assign you as an operator.
  • Assign you with the Ingredient registration privilege.
  • At least one manufacturer site is assigned to you. 
  • Orders are created and are in Open or Ingredient registration in progress status.


1. Open the Manufacturer for Agro application in Movilitas Mobile.

2. Tap Ingredient registration. The production orders in Open or Ingredient registration in progress status are displayed.

3. Tap an order. The Order screen appears with the following options:

  • Order details
  • Complete registration option
  • Line items

4. Tap each line item. The Enter quantity screen appears with order details. 

5. In the Quantity to be consumed field, enter the quantity and click Save. A message, Bill of materials quantity assigned displays on the screen.

6. Tap Complete registration. A message, Ingredient registration completed displays.

The order status changes to Ingredient registration completed.