Create printing destinations to enable the system to create printing orders.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have created a business channel with Graphic West, NiceLabel FTP, or NiceLabel Label Cloud source.

The NiceLabel Label Cloud channel enables the users to connect to the on-premises computers that are available on the NiceLabel network. The channel can be used for printing orders or printing on-demand serials or SSCC labels.


1. In the Manufacturer for Pharma application, open the Destinations tab.

2. On the Create destination form, enter a name for the destination.

3. Select a business channel. You can select Graphic West, NiceLabel FTP, or NiceLabel Label Cloud channel.

4. Depending on the selected channel, do one of the following:

  • When selecting Graphic West or NiceLabel FTP, choose Create. The destination is created. End of procedure.
  • When selecting NiceLabel Label Cloud business channel, configure the computer, the label template, and the printer. Continue with the next step.

Continue only when you are using NiceLabel Label Cloud channel:

5. Click Edit. The Printing setup pop-up appears with the preconfigured channel.

6. Select the computer associated with the channel.

7. Select the label template.

8. Select the printer connected to the computer.

9. Select Label preview to view the selected label template.

10. Click Apply.

11. Click Create. The destination is created.

Next Steps

You can now create printing orders.