The Decommission process allows you to decommission containers and packs that are either destroyed or used as a sample, by using the mobile application.

For containers, if the Decommission children function is activated in the Admin UI, all the child items will be decommissioned when scanning the container or manually entering the container details. However, if you scan or enter a child item that is still packed in the container, you need to unpack it first before decommissioning the child item.

Note: The procedure described below takes the use case when the operator scans the items by using the camera of the mobile device.

  • For mobile devices with built-in scanners, the GUI buttons related to scanning, like Scan Item, may not be displayed and you need to press the physical button on the device to scan.
  • For devices with external (table) scanners, you can point the scanner to the barcode to scan and you can ignore the GUI buttons on the screen related to scanning.

Before You Begin

The administrator must do the following:

  • Assign you as an operator in the Serialized Logistics for Agro application and authorized you to decommission goods.
  • Assign you to a warehouse, where optionally an SAP AII channel is set for the warehouse.


1. Open the Serialized Logistics for Agro application in Movilitas Mobile.

2. Select Decommission.

3. From the Sub location drop-down, select the sublocation if you are assigned to multiple sublocations.

4. Tap Scan Item and scan the item OR tap Manual Input, enter the label details (SSCC or Pack SGTIN), and tap Confirm.

For manual input, follow the GS1 standard. The application displays simple guides, for example, the Application Identifier (AI) of each parameter in brackets and the allowed number of characters. When entering dates, use the YYMMDD format.

The application displays the item along with the following options:

  • Continue scan - you can add a maximum of 20 items
  • Manual input
  • Select reason of decommission
  • Decommission items - Inactive until a reason is selected

5. Slide the item to the left to perform the following actions:

  • Preview - View the item details
  • Remove - Remove the item 

6. Select Continue Scan or Manual Input to add more items to the list.

7. Tap Select reason of decommission and select the reason for decommissioning in the pop-up window:

  • Destroyed
  • Sampled 

8. Select OK. The Decommission Items button becomes active.

9. Tap Decommission Items.

  • If the SAP system is connected, the action is validated with the SAP system, and the SAP system is updated.
  • If the action is valid and verified, the items are decommissioned and the application displays a summary with a message, Items were decommissioned successfully.
  • For containers, if the Decommission children function is activated in the Admin UI, all the child items are also decommissioned.
  • If you want to decommission an item that is still packed, the application drops an error message and you need to first unpack the item before decommissioning.
  • If the Decommission children function is deactivated in the Admin UI and you want to decommission an item that has a child, the application drops an appropriate error message.
  • You can view the details of the decommissioned item by sliding the item to the left and tapping Preview.