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You can connect Zebra Cloud Connect printers supporting WebLink interface to Movilitas.Cloud and use the printer in Movilitas.Cloud applications to print any label.

To connect the printer to Movilitas.Cloud, you need to specify the Zebra Cloud Connect server of Movilitas.Cloud for the printer, as illustrated below.

Before You Begin

Make sure that you have installed the Zebra Setup Utilities software on your Windows PC.


1. Turn on the printer and connect it to the Windows PC through USB.

2. Start the Zebra Setup Utilities.

3. Select the printer.

4. Select Configure Printer Connectivity, and go through the wizard to set up the wireless connection.

Note: The configuration depends on the network settings specified by your company. For further information, contact the IT administrators of your company.

The following procedure is an example illustrating how to configure a wireless connection by using Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) through the Connectivity Setup Wizard.

4.1On the Connectivity type page, select Wireless, and then click Next.
4.2On the IP address page, select DHCP.

This enables the Zebra Cloud Connect server to automatically assign a dynamic IP address to the Zebra printer.

4.3Enter the Hostname.

This is the name that is assigned to a Zebra printer connected to your Wi-Fi network. The hostname identifies the printer when it communicates with the Zebra Cloud Connect server.

4.4In the Enabled drop-down, select On.
4.5In the Type drop-down, select MAC ADDRESS.
4.6Click Next. The wizard displays the Wireless Settings page to define wireless security.
4.7In the ESSID field, enter the name or the Extended Service Set Identifier (ESSID) of the network to which you want to connect the printer.

If you are managing multiple printers, each printer must connect to the same ESSID.

4.8In the Security mode drop-down, select the security protocol for your wireless network.
4.9Enter the security username and security password for your wireless network in the applicable fields.
4.10Click Next.
4.11Click Finish.

5. Set up the link between the printer and the Zebra Cloud Connect server of Movilitas.Cloud. The following table describes the basic configuration.

5.1In Zebra Setup Utilities, select the printer and then select Open Communication with Printer. The application displays the Direct Communication screen.
5.2Set up the WebLink connection by providing the URL of the remote Zebra Cloud Connect server.

To access Movilitas.Cloud production environment, enter the following command:
! U1 setvar "weblink.ip.conn1.location"

To access Movilitas.Cloud acceptance environment, enter the following command:

! U1 setvar "weblink.ip.conn1.location"

The URL in this command is the URL pointing to the Zebra Cloud Connect server (endpoint).

5.3Send the command to the printer by clicking Send To Printer. For more information on sending commands to the printer, see this Zebra support article.
5.4Turn off the printer and then turn it on to reset it.


Note: When any of the following is true for your setup, you may need to do more than the basic configuration. For more information, see the ZPL Programming Guide.

  • The remote server that the printer connects to is outside the corporate firewall.
  • The firewall requires a username and a password to access the remote server.
  • The printer requires a proxy to access the remote server.
  • The firewall does not accept initial HTTPS connections (must be HTTP).

Next Steps

The Zebra Cloud Connect printer connects to the Zebra Cloud Connect server of Movilitas.Cloud by using WebLink.

Find the device ID (serial number of the printer) by checking the label on the Zebra printer and configure a Zebra Cloud Connect printing channel in Movilitas.Cloud. You can use the channel to register your printers in Movilitas.Cloud and to check if the connection to the printers is established.

For more information, see Configuring Zebra Cloud Connect Channel and Managing Zebra Printers.