The Product Verification DSCSA mobile application enables the operators to verify the pharmaceutical products in the USA market.

Note: The procedure described below takes the use case when the operator scans the items by using the camera of the mobile device.

  • For mobile devices with built-in scanners, the GUI buttons related to scanning may not be displayed and you need to press the physical button on the device to scan.
  • For devices with external (table) scanners, you can point the scanner to the barcode to scan and you can ignore the GUI buttons on the screen related to scanning.

Before You Begin

The administrator must assign you as an operator in the Product Verification DSCSA application.

Optionally, the administrator can assign Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs) to the operator to allow scanning with the specified devices only.


1. Open the Product Verification DSCSA application in Movilitas Mobile.

2. Tap Verification. The application displays the scanning options.

3. Select Scan pack.

4. Tap SCAN PACK and scan the pack.

The request is routed to the responder. When there is a response, the application displays:

  • The pack data.
  • The response (verification result) for the pack:
    • The pack is valid versus not valid.
    • The responder Global Location Number (GLN).
    • The date and time of verification.
    • Verification failure reason (when applicable).
  • The response (verification result) for the Authorized Trading Partner (ATP). Note: Applicable when verifying the responder is activated in the application settings in the Admin UI and the response includes verifiable credentials.
    • The ATP is valid versus not valid.
    • The date and time of verification.
    • The ATP details.