Assign mobile users of the tenant as operators in the Product Verification DSCSA application to enable them to verify the packs.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have assigned mobile users to the tenant.


1. In the Product Verification DSCSA application, select the Operators tab. The application displays the available versus active operators.


2. In the Available operators list, search for a user by using the search field.


3. Click the Assign operator icon next to the user and confirm the action. The application displays the assigned user in the Active operators list.

Note: In the Available operators list, you can see only the mobile users assigned to the tenant.

4. In the Active operators panel, click on the operator or select Edit user privileges icon next to the operator. The operator details are expanded.


5. (Optional) Add new UUIDs to the operator.

You can assign specific devices to the operator by providing the universally unique identifiers (UUIDs) of these devices in the Add new device UUID field.

  • If UUIDs are added here, the operator can use only the specified devices.
  • If no UUIDs are specified here, the operator can use any device to scan the products.

You can remove a UUID from the list of assigned UUIDs.

6. Click Save Settings.

The operators now can start scanning the products.

You can remove an assigned operator by clicking the delete icon next to the operator in the Active operators list. In this case, the operator goes back to the Available operators list.