As per the 2019 Saleable Returns Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requirements, the distributors must verify the returned medicinal products before reselling the products.

The Product Verification DSCSA application enables the distributors to verify the products.

This article provides an overview of the application and a typical configuration workflow to ease understanding.


Administrator UI Overview (Tabs)

The Product Verification DSCSA web application allows you to configure the mobile operators and manage the settings at the application level. 


You can assign the operators to use the Product Verification DSCSA mobile application to scan and verify the products in the VRS environment.


You can configure the VRS distributor business channel that enables you to send the scanned data to the external system. 

Configuration and Operation Workflow

Before You Begin

Make sure that:


1. Assign operators to the Product Verification DSCSA application. Optionally, you can limit the devices the operator can use for the scanning. For more information, see Managing Operators.

2. Set the MediLedger Distributor channel under Settings.

3. As an operator, verify packs in the warehouse. For more information, see Movilitas Mobile for Product Verification DSCSA.

4. As an administrator, view the verifications. For more information, see Configuring a MediLedger Distributor Channel and Viewing Verifications.