You can monitor the progress of bulk actions in the Wholesaler FMD application. 

Bulk actions have two types:

  • Orders
  • Bulk scanning initiated by operators in the Movilitas Mobile application

For bulk actions, you do not receive a response immediately from the National Medicines Verification System (NMVS) about the packs. A request is sent to the NMVS, and each bulk action gets an NMVS transaction ID that can be used for checking the response in the web application.


1. In the Wholesaler FMD application, select the Bulk actions tab. The application displays all the bulk actions.

A bulk action has one of the following status:

Pending resultsThe NMVS has not sent a response yet.
UnavailableAn error occurred during the processing of the bulk action results or the results have expired on the NMVS side and are no longer available.
DoneThe NMVS has processed the request and a response is available.

2. Find the bulk action by entering the transaction ID in the search field and/or setting the status.

You can reset the filters by clicking Reset filters.

3. Expand the bulk action to view the bulk action details.

4. Select the bulk action to view the packs involved in the transaction. Expand the pack to check the explanation message.

The following example shows a bulk action in Pending results status:

The following example shows a bulk action in Done status with successfully processed packs:

Best Practices

  • Wait for the response from the NMVS and let the system automatically change the status. You can refresh the browser to see if there is a status change.
  • For bulk actions in Pending results or Unavailable status, you can find the Manual check button under the Action column to force a manual check. Avoid manual intervention in the normal business case.