You can perform FMD actions in bulk in the Serialized Logistics application by using Movilitas Mobile. The Reports & Analysis application enables you to view the bulk responses from the NMVS with details.

Once a bulk transaction is processed but the transaction fails for any reason, Movilitas.Cloud sends a notification by email to all administrators of the tenant, and optionally, to the operator who performed the action. The setting is configured for the operator in the Serialized Logistics application.

Note: To access this page, the "Administrator" role is required.


1. In the Reports & Analysis application, select FMD --> Bulk responses. The application displays all the FMD bulk transactions in the list.

For each transaction, the application displays the transaction status by using an icon and the NMVS transaction ID.

The following table collects the statuses:

Icon (Status)MeaningDefinition
Green checkmarkDONEResults retrieved, all items successful.
Red exclamation markERRORTransaction could not be sent to NMVS.
Red question markUNAVAILABLEResults could not be retrieved.
Yellow exclamation markITEMS_HAVE_ERRORSResults retrieved, some items have errors.
Yellow circular arrowsPENDINGRetrieval of results still in progress.


Note: Hover your mouse over the status icon and the application displays a summary of the bulk response.

2. Search for a specific bulk response by using the filters:

  • Set the search properties.
    • The supported search properties are the following: NMVS transaction ID, product code, serial number, batch, expiration date, operator email, warehouse name, and action.
    • For the action, the supported expressions are the following: BULK_<ACTION> where ACTION is the supported FMD action. For example, BULK_EXPORT.
  • Click the + button to add further search criteria. You can set a maximum of three properties.
  • Set the date range by using the datepicker.

You can reset the filter by clicking Reset filters.

3. Click Search. The application filters the list of scans based on the search criteria.


4. Click on the bulk response (transaction) in the list.

The application displays the transaction information and the list of packs in a pop-up. The user can expand each pack to see the NMVS response message.

The following example illustrates the details of a BULK_EXPORT transaction: