Germany NGDA is the NMVS provider in Germany. The NMVS helps you to connect to the EU Hub system to report product information and statuses. In the Movilitas.Cloud application, you can create a Germany NGDA channel to connect to the NMVS in Germany.

With this channel, you can perform the following functions and the NMVS system, in turn, sends the information to the EU Hub system:

  • Perform verification of the packs
  • Send pack status to the NMVS system

Currently, the Germany NGDA channel can be used in the following applications:

  • Wholesaler FMD application

For more information on the general channel actions, see Managing Channels for a Tenant (Overview).


1. Go to Movilitas.Cloud Console --> My tenants.

2. Select the tenant or click Open tenant next to it.

3. On the Tenant Dashboard, select the Channels tab. The application displays the list of channels assigned to the tenant.

4. Depending on your setup, create a Germany NGDA channel or modify an existing one. Follow one of the procedures described in the table below.

#Create a ChannelModify an Existing Channel
4.1Click the + icon (Create channel). The application displays the Create channel dialog.

To search for a Germany NGDA channel, use the search criteria field and the filters:

  • Enter the channel name in the search criteria field.
  • Select the status.
  • Select Germany-NGDA as the source. 
  • Select Business channel as the type.
4.2Select Business channel as the type and click Create.

The application displays the Create Channel page with an empty form to give the basic parameters of the channel.
To view the channel information, click on the channel name or the edit icon (Edit channel) next to the channel.

The application displays the Edit Channel page with the current channel settings.
4.3Enter a name for the channel and select Germany - NGDA as the source.N/A

Click Create Channel.

The application informs you about the additional costs. After confirming the creation, the application displays the Edit Channel page with a form where you can provide the connection details for the channel.


Example when creating a Germany NGDA channel:

5. Provide the Germany NGDA channel settings as explained in the table below:

CountrySelect the country from where you want to connect to the NMVS system. NGDA channel is specific to Germany, so you can select only Germany.

Select the NMVS environment based on whether you want to test or send the product information to the NMVS system.

The available environments are:

  • Integrated Testing Environment - used only for development, testing, and validation
  • Production Environment - used for sending the product data to the NMVS system
User IDEnter the username to connect to the NMVS system. The username is provided by the NMVS system after user registration.
TAN Certificate passphraseEnter the unique password that is provided by the NMVS system after user registration.
Select CertificateYou must upload a valid certificate for user authentication. Click on the button and select the certificate file on your computer.

Note: It is mandatory to upload a certificate.

6. Click Save Settings.


7. Validate the connection to the Germany NGDA system by clicking Check NGDA Settings button. The application displays the result and if something goes wrong, displays the reason.

If there is an error, make sure that you are connected to the Internet and you provide the correct credentials.

8. (Optional) If needed, change the name of the channel and click Save Channel.

Next Steps

Configure the Wholesaler FMD application with the Germany NGDA channel.