The purpose of this guide is to give an example of how to set up a barcode scanner so that it works with our desktop solutions at https://mobile.movilitas.cloud and https://desktop.movilitas.cloud. The descriptions provided are not exhaustive and are not meant to be exhaustive and do not attempt to cover all models from the providers or all possible setup scenarios that may be relevant to your goals or particular needs.

While we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, Movilitas makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability with respect to the information covered in this guide for any purpose.

List of Procedures

Creating a Configuration in Datalogic Aladdin

Use the following procedure to create a configuration in Datalogic Aladdin. You can create configurations for the following Datalogic scanner types:

  • QuickScan
  • Gryphon
  • PowerScan
  • Heron
  • Touch

Before You Begin

Open the Datalogic Aladdin configuration tool in one of the following ways:

The following procedure illustrates the case when accessing the online configuration tool.


1. Enter the device (base station) in the search field.

2. Select the search result to open the configuration page.


3. On the Parameters panel on the left, select your scanner, then select Data Format.

The application displays the following configuration details in the middle of the screen.

4. Next to Global Prefix, click on the grey section. The application displays the Global Prefix window.


5. Set the <mov> prefix by adding each element one by one.

  • <
  • m
  • o
  • v
  • >


6. Click Save Changes.

7. Next to Character Conversion, click on the grey section. The application displays the Character Conversion window.


8. Add [1D GS] and [20 SPACE] to the list.

This setup changes the Function 1 Symbol Character (FNC1) group separator to a space.


9. Click Save Changes.

10. Next to Global Suffix, click on the [0D CR] value in the grey area. The application displays the Global Suffix window.


11. Add [84 Ent] to the list.


12. Click Save Changes.

13. On the Configuration panel, verify that you can see the following settings.

14. (Optional) If you are using a language other than US English, change the USB keyboard language.

Note: Changing the keyboard language means the interface parameter is also changed from the default RS232 to USB.

#ActionScreen (Examples)
14.1On the Parameters panel on the left, select Interface Selection and then set the Communication Interface to USB-KBD on the Configuration panel.
14.2Under Interface Selection, select USB Keyboard Parameters and then set the Keyboard Country Mode to the preferred country. 

15. Export the configuration by following the steps below.

#ActionScreen (Examples)
Click Export Configuration.
Click Print 2D barcode.
Note: The screenshot reflects the default interface and keyboard settings (US English).
15.3Optionally, extend the configuration.
  • Select Discrete Label Programming Mode to enter configuration mode.
  • Select Add Restore Default Command, to restore the device settings.

The application displays additional barcodes on the screen.

Movilitas.Cloud recommends selecting both options and scanning them when configuring the scanner.

Note: The screenshot reflects the default interface and keyboard settings (US English).
15.4Download the configuration in PDF or RTF format.

Note: Besides exporting, you can save the configuration into an XML file or load an existing configuration. For more information on the Datalogic Aladdin tool, see the Datalogic Aladdin Online Help.

Next Steps

Configure the device by scanning the configuration barcodes.

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Configuring the Device by Scanning the Configuration Barcodes

The following procedure illustrates the case when scanning the configuration barcodes that were created in Datalogic Aladdin. However, the configuration can be performed by sending configuration strings from the host PC via the RS232 or USB-COM interface also. For more information, see Datalogic manual and technical documentation.


1. Connect the device (base station) to the host PC.

2. Open the configuration file and scan the configuration barcodes in the order of appearance.

Next Steps

Verify the configuration by scanning a test barcode. For more information, see Verifying the Scanner Setup (Table Scanners).

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Configuration Barcodes US_EN Example (BC90x0-Base-Charger)