This article summarizes access rights for each role supported by the Serialized Manufacturing application. The roles are controlled at the tenant level, meaning that the user has one role in each tenant, and the role can be different, for example, the user has an Administrator role in Tenant A, but the user is only a mobile user in Tenant B.

Unless stated otherwise, the screenshots and descriptions in all articles represent the "Administrator" role viewpoint. When a description mentions "user", it never relates to the "User" role but it is a general term for a person that has the privilege to do a specific action.

Roles and Access Rights in Serialized Manufacturing Admin

Tab / AreaAdministrator RoleUser Role*None Role
(Mobile User Only)
Product groupsR/WR/W-
SN / SSCC poolSerial number poolRR-
SSCC poolR/WR/W-
SSCC historyRR-
Pack historyRR-
Site managementSitesR/WR/W-
PackagingPackaging linesR/WR/W-
Packaging ordersR/WR/W-

R/W: Read/Write

R: Read Only

-: No Access

*: Default setting. Access to the tabs can be customized.

Customizing User Role Access

You can customize the access of a user with the "User" role to the tabs in the Admin UI under the Settings tab. The tabs are organized in a tree view with selectable checkboxes. Access to the tab can be turned on or off.

When a user has access to a tab, this means full access to that tab, including its child tabs with some limitations. The following actions cannot be performed with the "User" role:

Not Allowed ActionLocation
Uploading product master data to the EU Hub.
Products > Products > Master data
Requesting master data report from the EU Hub / Downloading master data report from the EU Hub.Products > Products > Master data
Partner invitation.
Site management > CMOs
Site management > MAHs
Editing the computer/label/printer settings for a NiceLabel Label Cloud printing destination.
Labels > Destinations

A tab can contain a parameter that takes values from a page to which the user does not have access. In this case, the application offers the available values for selection but the user cannot manipulate the source page.

You cannot give access to the Settings tab for a user with the "User" role.

Roles and Access Rights in Mobile for Serialized Manufacturing 

If the Mobile user checkbox is activated for the user (see Tenant Dashboard --> Users), the user is authorized to use Movilitas Mobile and can access the same functionality regardless of the role. However, the user can perform only the actions that are assigned to them as privileges in the Admin UI.

The "None" role combined with the Mobile user checkbox can be used especially for operators in the warehouse to limit the access to Movilitas Mobile and to user profile settings in the Admin UI.